May Equestrian Editorial

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There have been many outstanding mothers throughout the history of the world and some of the children they gave birth to became famous people. One such well- known and holy mother was Saint Anne, who was the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary and hence the grandmother of Jesus. Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta, who touched millions with her missionary work, was a religious sister, never married or had any children of her own. However her selfless devotion to God through her ministry to the poorest of the poor in the world, truly made her a spiritual mother to the downtrodden and an example for us all. Saint Mother Theresa, a role model for all mothers and single ladies,

shows that a woman does not necessarily need to be married in order to do loving acts of charity towards others, with “motherly affection”. A Jewish proverb says that “God could not be everywhere at the same time, therefore he made mothers”. If we have been blessed with a good mother, then we too can consider our own mothers as the best in the world, more famous and important to us than any other woman, simply because she is or was our mother if she has left this world for heaven. For those who believe in and follow Jesus, and those who adhere to the teachings of the Church defined over the centuries, we know and believe that Mary was at the same time the mother of Jesus and of God. We also know that she is our heavenly mother as well, for just before dying on the cross, Jesus gave his mother over to his beloved apostle John and thereby to us, with the words Behold your mother” (Jn 19:27). These are significant words as we know that Mothers always try to fill their children’s needs, always want them to be happy, and always want the best for them.

It is clearly fitting that Mother’s Day is celebrated within the month of May which is dedicated to Mother Mary. At this time, I would like to wish all the Ladies of the Order, who are mothers, mothers to be, and all ladies with “motherly affection” a Happy Mother’s Day. I hope your loved ones show their appreciation even if in a small way, by letting you know that you matter! As well, ensure that you find a quiet moment in your day to thank God that you were blessed with such an important role.

Debra Gervasio