Oct Equestrian Editorial

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The Fifteen Minute Rosary

For someone who has been saying the rosary for over 25 years, I must have been remiss not to recall that October was indeed the month of the Holy Rosary and hence my focus on the October editorial has finally found “pen to paper” or in these days “key to computer”.

According to Dominican, Alan de la Roch, in the year 1206, after St. Dominic had been praying and doing severe penances because of his lack of success in combating the Albigensian heresy, Mother Mary appeared to him. At this time, she praised him for his valiant fight against the heretics gifting him the Rosary as a mighty weapon, and directing him to preach this powerful prayer to others.

St. Pius V attributed the great defeat of the Turkish fleet on the first Sunday of October, 1571, to the fact that at the same time the Rosary confraternities at Rome and elsewhere were holding their processions. This is only one example where one gave credence to the power of the rosary however; there are many instances that would support the same thinking of the power of this prayer.
At each place setting at the EO Annual General Meeting, were various prayers for each member, one of which was “How to Pray The Rosary”. This was not in any way inferring that any of the knights or ladies needed instruction, but a reminder that the Rosary is indeed an important gift to all of us. Pope Benedict XVI in an address at the Basilica of St. Mary Major where he prayed the rosary with the faithful said:

Today, together, we confirm that the Holy Rosary is not a pious practice banished to the past, like prayers of other times thought of with nostalgia. Instead, the Rosary is experiencing a new Springtime. In the current world, so dispersive, this prayer helps to put Christ at the centre of our life, of our time, of our city, through the contemplation and meditation of his holy mysteries of joy, light, sorrow and glory. ... The Rosary, when it is prayed in an authentic way, not mechanical and superficial but profoundly, it brings, in fact, peace and reconciliation.

Many Knights and Ladies have used the New Prayer Corner on our eohsj.com website requesting prayers for various needs or situations... Perhaps it is time to expand our own daily prayers to include not only our immediate family but also our fellow family of Knights and Ladies in the Equestrian Order, as well as those we support in the Holy Land. Remember each one of us struggles with trials and tribulations on some level. Perhaps it is time to recognize the fact that we may be unaware of struggles of those whom are close to us. Many people could benefit from being included in our circle of the Rosary.

One of the promises of Our Lady of Fatima is “You shall obtain all you ask of Me by the recitation of the Rosary.”

When one contemplates the fact that only 15 minutes out of a 24 hour day equates to only 1% of our day, each of us must seriously consider dedicating their 1% to putting Jesus and Mary in the Centreand thereby receive the graces promised to those who recite this powerful prayer.

Debra Gervasio