‘In the footsteps of Jesus’: An educational game for the entire family

JERUSALEM – The pastoral office for the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem created a new game entitled “In the footsteps of Jesus”, designed to guide youth, adults, and elderly people to walk with Jesus in His journey in the Holy Land, following Him from birth to ascension.

Throughout the game, all the familiar biblical stories come alive, as the players have 60 different settings and sites linked to Jesus’ life and the first Christians. The game aims to deepen the understanding of Scripture, and at the same time gathers the players in discussion to explore the various sites in Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Judean Desert in the south to the Jordan River in the east, Nazareth, Cana, Capernaum, the Dead Sea, the Sea of Galilee, and Caesarea Maritime along the Mediterranean Coast.

Game objective: to collect as many sets of cards as possible (4 of a kind)

Contents: 15 sets of cards, each set consists of 4 cards (total: 60 cards)

The winner is the player who collects the most sets.

Additional activities: players can enrich their understanding and knowledge in learning more about the sites mentioned in the game by referring to the readings in the New Testament indicated on the card.

The sets follow the chronological order of Jesus’s life, therefore, players can try to arrange the sets according to this order at the end of the game.

‘In the footsteps of Jesus’ can be an excellent souvenir from the Holy Land, a meaningful birthday gift, an intresting activity in the pastoral summer camps.

Source: Pastoral Office of LPJ – Mariana Kanzoua

Source: https://www.lpj.org/in-footsteps-of-jesus-...