Projects carried out in the Holy Land

Over the past two years, the Grand Magisterium, in agreement with the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, has decided to invest more on some small projects in the Holy Land compared to large construction projects. In 2018 the Grand Magisterium of the Order continued its support of those major projects already underway, such as the completion of the work in the new church in Jubeiha and the restructuring of a kindergarten in Hashimi (both in Jordan), but above all the important project that provides for the increase in salaries for teachers of the schools of the Patriarchate. This initiative allows students to continue to have a high-level education while respecting the skills of their teachers whose pay must reflect their abilities. In addition to these projects and the important monthly aid sent to support the institutional expenses of the Patriarchate – for example, the seminary or school fee subsides for students who have difficulty paying – other smaller projects are outlined in the following pages. 

Various projects involve minor renovations. Unless we understand the daily life of the structures that require them, these projects may seem far from urgent. Yet, we can all imagine how much more complicated normal activities become in a dilapidated environment.

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Spirituality at the heart of the Order's North American Lieutenants' meeting

The annual North American Lieutenants meeting took place in Houston (Texas) from May 30th to June 2nd led by the Grand Master of the Order, Cardinal Edwin O'Brien. The Governor General Ambassador Leonardo Visconti di Modrone, Vice Governor General Thomas Pogge and fourteen Lieutenants (10 US, 3 Canadians and one Mexican) took part. The annual encounter is a significant moment in the life of the Order since the North American component constitutes 51% of its members and contributes 41% to the resources collected globally.

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