Below are the active committees, if you have an interest in serving on a committee please send fill in the Form at the bottom of the page.

Prayer Committee

Goal & Mission

Once a month a group of members will gather at a members house to pray the rosary and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy

Membership Committee

Goal & Mission

Help the Lieutenant Choose 

  • potential members of the Order

  • When a member is worthy for promotion 

  • is a member a good fit to serve on or chair a committee

Funeral Committee

Goal & Mission

Fund-Raising Committee

Goal & Mission

In union with the Lieutenant, Planning Committee, Manger; Fundraise for the good of the Lieutenancy and the Holy Land. 

Planning Committee

Goal & Mission

Assist the Lieutenant and Lieutenancy Manger, plan and execute events. 

Nominations & Development Committee

Goal & Mission

  • Formation of new Membership

  • Long term development of the Lieutenancy 

Committee’s Structure

  1. Committee Chair

  2. Members of the Committee

  3. Ex Officio Members: Depending on the Goal / Mission of the Committee there may be a Council member as an Ex Officio Member of the Committee

ex officio |  adverb & adjective | by virtue of one's position or status: 

Latin, from ex ‘out of, from’ + officium ‘duty’.

Office Terms: If you are selected to serve on a committee, the term of office is one Calendar year (Jan 1 - Dec 31)

Based on demand, you may be able to serve for 2 consecutive terms. There is a 2 term Cap per Committee. This mean if your 2 year cap is approaching but you still wish to help the Lieutenancy, you are able to apply to serve on a different committee. Please be aware that just because you served on a different committee you will not be automatically granted a position on the newly applied for committee. the Lieutenant will take all factors into consideration when filling committee positions.