The Toronto Lieutenancy is proud to offer a personal heraldry service.

Please be aware that this is for your personal coat of arms, we do not do a family search. If you wish to incorporate some items from your family crest, you will have to already be aware of what you want to include in your personal Coat of Arms.


Parts of the coat of arms

The Shield

The shield is the central shape on which the colours and symbols that make up the coat of arms are placed. Without a shield, there is no coat of arms. The elements that surround it are optional.


Helmet and Mantling

The helmet placed above the shield recalls the origins of heraldry. The mantling flowing from it is a piece of cloth that protected the metal armour from the sun and which became torn and cut during combat.



At the top of the coat of arms is the crest, placed on a wreath of twisted cloth from which the mantling flows. In the Middle Ages, the crest was a three-dimensional object meant to make a knight look taller and more intimidating.

If you wish to include items from a family members Coat of Arms the Crest is the best place to incorporate it. Usassly family members would have the same Crest atop their personal Coat of Arms.


The motto is a short inspirational phrase or series of words, like a proverb. It is usually shown below the shield on a scroll and can be written in any language.


The supporters, which can be animals or human figures, are placed on either side of the shield, appearing to hold it up.