How does one join the EOHSJ Toronto Lieutenancy?

One does not request admission to the EO. It is usually done anonymously by current member suggestions. Interested members should take it upon themselves to familiarize themselves with existing members and their name would be put forward unaware to the prospective member.

Is there a cost of initiation into the EO?

Yes, there is a cost to cover the Insignia and cloak as well as a preliminary donation made to the Order. In addition, each member is given a suggested amount for annual contribution and given certain circumstances, amounts greater or less than this are accepted. The donations are fully tax deductible and receipts are given annually. Members will also be asked to pay for lunches/dinners at the various functions the Order organizes. 

How long is the Investiture Process?

The Investiture Process takes approximately one year and the candidate must be fully oriented to the activities of the Order, such as a regular attendance and participation at the various functions held by the Order.

Activities include Parish Visitations, Easter Vigil, Days of Reflection, Investiture/Promotion Ceremonies, the biannual Dinner for the Ordinary, and the Annual General Meeting.

What are the various Order Activities throughout the year?

Yes a member can be removed from the Order by continual lack of participation in Order activities, or by living contrary to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. A member can also ask to be removed from the Order. The member must at that time forfeit his cloak and insignia and their letters patent are no longer valid and not permitted for use. 

Can a member be removed from the Order?

According to the rules of the Grand Magisterium, the minimum age is 25 years old, however a more mature age is recommended. 

What is the minimum age for Investiture?


As a member of the Order, how do I go about nominating someone for Investiture to the Order?

The nomination process is a long one and may only be undertaken by currently established members of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. For more information please refer to the "Nomination Process" documentation found here

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