The Pilgrim Shell


The Lieutenancy is committed to promoting pilgrimages as the best means of evidencing the Order's commitment to the Christian community. A pilgrimage helps members attain a better insight into their lives as a “pilgrims of faith” and to understand their foundation in the Resurrection of the Lord. It opens members to mutual ecumenical and charitable understanding with their brothers and sisters in the Faith and reminds them that the “Way of the Cross” is the way that leads to life and hope. A pilgrimage to the Holy Sepulchre and to other Holy Places is also an act of solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land. Our presence among them is an encouragement to the minority Christian people of that land, living amid so many problems, pressures, and difficulties. Pilgrims’ deepened faith and new experience of the “Land of the Bible” and its people enables them to give a particular witness to those with whom they live and work. 

A pilgrimage to the Holy Sepulchre and the Holy Land is a moral obligation of every Knight and Dame of the Order and should be realized with the help of God at least once during one's lifetime. A pilgrimage to the Holy Land is required for promotion to the grand ranks of Knight/Dame Commander with Star and Knight/Dame Grand Cross.


What is a Pilgrims Shell?

The special distinction of the Pilgrim’s Shell is granted to members who have completed a pious pilgrimage to the Holy Land. This award is given to all members who participate in an Order sponsored pilgrimage while they are in the Holy Land, often by the Latin Patriarch himself. Members who have participated or will participate in pilgrimages not sponsored by the Order may also receive the Pilgrims Shell if their pilgrimage meets certain minimum requirements.

How do I receive a Pilgrim Shell?

Before you travel to the Holy Land please contact the Lieutenancy through the form below.

Pilgrim Shells can only be awarded once in a Lifetime(One per member) you will not receive one for every time you make a pilgrimage.

Pilgrim Shell can only be awarded though the Lieutenancy.

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Did you already travel to the Holy Land?

If you already traveled to the Holy Land you MAY be eligible to receive the Pilgrims Shell.

Please contact the Lieutenancy through the above form, stating that the trip already happened and the dates of your trip. The Lieutenancy Manager will contact you for further details.