Timeline of Sede Vantance

This is just an appropriate timeline every Side Vantance is different,

Day 0

The Pope is declared dead. Historically Done by the Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Day 1

The Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Catholic Church takes the Fishermans Ring and in the presence of the College of Cardinals, destroys it.

Day 1

The Papal Apartment is sealed

Day 1-3

The Rite of Visitation

Day 4

Papal Funeral Mass, performed by the Dean of the College Cardinals

Days 5 to 14

Novemdiales (Latin for "nine days) 9 days of mourning

Days 15-20

Conclave is held

The Cardinals are required to wait 15 days before starting the Conclave, but after 20 days the Cardinals are required to start conclave.